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7. REstoration

Restoration, Restoration,
Restoration Coming back to me.
Restoration, Restoration,
Restoration is coming back to me.

Verse 1:-
Years that the canker worm had stolen
Years that the enemy destroyed
Everything that was taken,
by faith now is given.
Restoration, coming back to me (Chorus

Verse 2:-
My freedom and salvation Jesus paid for Healing and prosperity all mine
I am trained for this mission
Take back all my possessions
Restoration, coming back to me. (Chorus)

It’s coming, It’s coming
By faith I know It’s coming soon
It’s coming, it’s coming
I believe I receive cause Your says so…..

It’s here, It is here,
manifestation of your promises
It’s here It is here
Lord I thank for the victory….

Everything that was taken,
By faith now is given,…
Restoration…coming back to me,,,,, (coming back to me)