ACROSTIC WRITING is a very special, personalize & creative form of writing.  A very effective way of conveying thoughts, feeling or even sending messages.



The word "Acrostic" is defined as a poem, word puzzle , or other compositions  in which letters in a word are used to compose word, lyrics, or phases.  

Origin of this word is a French word "Acrosticle" and the Greek word  "Akrostickhis": which comprises of these two words- "Akro: which means "send"  & "Stikhis" which means row/line of a verse.  In other word this form of writing allow the wrier to send a word/row/line of verse which will could be personalized. understandable to the recipient/receiver.



It very interesting to note that this form of writing has been used for centuries...Mostly used as a very effective way of sending secret messages/codes etc.  The purposes of this form of writing is unlimited primarily because this enables . This enables to use letters of words ( e.g. names of people, occasions, places etc.)  to form lyrics for various types of compositions.  Please note that this is more than forming an acronym which is basically using words to form words.

Poems, song compositions and other form osf writing have been proven to be very effective in conveying  thoughts expressions etc.  However the effectiveness of acrostic writing includes these two main ways:-

- Unlimited creativity – words are a very powerful way of communication.  The use of words to create words/phases will allow the writer to be thoughtful, intentional and will definitely allow creativity.  

- Personalized writing - The Art of Writing is mostly personalized (comprised personal thoughts, opinions, experiences etc...However Acrostic writers will allow a much more personalized level pf writing/expression of word/thought is formed using the name of person, occasion, place thing etc. is very visual and very effective.  


 The following examples of acrostic writing will serve to provide a better understanding of what has been discussed.:-


                                            An acrostic "THANK YOU" note especially composed for you 

                                                            T – his is an opportunity to say thanks to you 

                                                            H – eartfelt gratitude for Y – our love and support as you joined us today.

                                                            A -sk in faith for abundance 0 - f God’s and blessings on us.

                                                            N – ever in doubt but trust in His U-nmerited grace and promises that are sure. 

                                                            K - indly share the joy boldly declaring that 


                                                                             You are BLESSED 2BA BLESSING